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On this page you are provided with a map of Santorini, information about the hotel location, as well as distances of our Hotel in Oia Santorini from beaches, shops and transportation hubs.

Santorini is connected to other Cycladic Islands, Skiathos Island and Crete by ferry boats, high speed ferries, or airplane. For more information, contact Santorini Port and Santorini Airport.

Transportation to Oia (Ia) Santorini and to Oia hotel Traditional Houses Hotel

From Fira Port and Monolithos Airport there is frequent bus transportation to Oia (Ia). If you prefer travelling by car, you can either hire a taxi from the taxi depot or rent a car.

The hotel it has the idea location in Oia Santorini!




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    36.478805 "N & 25.395101 "E

    One step from the beach of Oia / with the best seaview.!